Give it Time – 34

During the morning, Mike questioned himself. 

He did, sometimes, come on as the big lawyer man, hopefully, he hadn’t in front of Emily.  

 She was obviously from a higher class, knew bigger people, but was so … not humble, just ‘average’ so  one would think she had penny pinched through Law School and was now finally getting some money in her pocket.

Mike felt blessed he hadn’t messed up… yet.  

He had never met anyone like Emily, so comfortable with herself.

She wore little make up, her hair in a simple style.  She didn’t wear much jewellery; it seemed, to him, that things and appearances weren’t all that important to her.

Mike turned to his work, pushing thoughts of Emily to the edges of consciousness.

In one way, she seemed ‘too good to be real’,  as if she were putting up this front to trap him.

But who was he?

Tonight he would learn her circle and be able to know whether there were real possibilities for them as a couple.


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Written by jaylar

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