Give it Time – 32

Mike and Emily left the restaurant.   He sent her on ahead claiming some task he had to do.   This was a lie.  He just wanted to  delay for fifteen minutes so that Lily, who was, no doubt, watching the door, would see him enter alone.

Before he came off the elevator, he got on his cell.  He wanted to stride in, unavailable for conversation.  

As he passed, he saw Lily’s hawk expression and ignored her.  

One of the Seniors had sent for him, and he went up to describe the success of the case, and was commended.

For the rest of the day he met a few clients, had Jordon draft a few documents and left at five.

He went out to eat, then wandered home, and relaxed a bit before bed.

He hadn’t made up his mind about Emily’s excursion.

On one hand,why not?  It would be a virtually meaningless encounter which could not wear the sash of date.  

On the other,  did playing in an amusement park match being a big time lawyer?


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Written by jaylar

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