Give it Time – 31

What Mike wanted was a standard date.  he would take her to dinner then somewhere, drive her home,  then kissing and maybe more.

The idea of going to the amusement park with dozens of people and going on rides as if he was ten years old didn’t fit in his category.  Yet, she was going. With or without him. She was going and going to be absent from the office on Wednesday.

Maybe a stupid date like this would disconnect him from Emily so that she would only be a Friday night sport friend.

Mike didn’t know what he wanted.  

His relationship with Lily had left him confused, lost, empty.  Seeing Lily, hearing her, he blamed himself for even starting a conversation with her.

He liked Emily’s style.  He liked the lack of pressure,of demands, of analysing his every word.

Anyway;  Emily spoke about tomorrow and who knows what could happen between now and then?

“Tentatively, yes…”  he began.  “I’m not certain of my schedule…”

Emily nodded.  No argument, no attempt to influence his decision.


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Written by jaylar

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