Give it Time – 29

Mike had woken up on Saturday, thinking about popping over to that trade show.  But then, everyone would see him with Emily and think he was with Emily.  But he wasn’t with Emily.

He might want to be with her,  but he wasn’t.  

He banged around the house, went out for a run,  came back, did some chores, went out to a bar he frequented.   Saw some friends.By the time he flopped in he wasn’t thinking about anyone or anything, and passed into a deep sleep.

When he woke he had a  hang over.

Sunday stumbled by and he was more than ready for work on Monday.

He stopped up at the office to get the file, collected Emily and Jordon and they went to Court to hear the verdict.

It was as they expected and they went out to have a victory brunch.


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Written by jaylar

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