Give it Time – 27

When Mike slammed the door, one part of him questioned why he denied himself Lily’s body.  The other part proclaimed that there was more to a relationship than sex.

Mike poured himself a drink, looked at the wall, recalling his relationship with Lily.

It was always uphill.  She’d question, she’d argue, she’d twist things, and he was exhausted.

If he hadn’t met Emily he would assume every relationship was a quagmire of hidden meanings, undertones, inflections. and having to match the image and desire of his partner.

But Emily was not like that.   She was, in a way, transparent.

They went to the game to watch the game, to the movie to watch the movie.   He’d taken her to that hotel with the intention of stepping it up, but Emily’s reactions were such that he’d feel dishonest and evil if he had done so.

Mike wanted to go back to the Hotel, wanted to go with Emily and have it a joint decision to move to that next level, but he had been hesitant.  So Mike would get two empty days.

And if Lily was lurking to ‘catch’ him;  she’d fail.


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Written by jaylar

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