Give it Time – 24

It was a tight game but their team finally won.  After, they went  for a meal.  It was very much like last week;  the comfort, the ease of conversation.

“You dazzle me…” Mike said.

Emily was surprised, asked;  “How?”

“During the week you behaved as any junior counsel…”

“Why wouldn’t I?”  she asked.

He stared at her, looking for the trick the deception, but she seemed honest.

“Last Friday we came here after we saw the match.  We went to a movie on Saturday.  We went to a Hotel on Sunday and Monday…”  he began, but then had no more words.

 Emily seemed a bit puzzled. Mike wondered what was going on.  

Then some woman across the room  sneered at her companion.  Mike heard Lily’s voice in her tone and recognised he was judging Emily by ‘Lily’ standards.   Looking for the lie, the deception, the trick, the deviation, the use of his words against him.

Aware he was walking in the wrong direction on thin ice,  Mike took a mouthful of food and diverted;  

“Y’know eating this reminds me of how really good the  food at the hotel was.”

“Oh yes, it was really delicious,”  Emily added, and Mike scoured his mind to find a way to prolong a light, bright, easy discussion.


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Written by jaylar

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