Getting it So Wrong – 9

Cordelia  took Dawson from the gutter.  She took him, and spent money on him, married him, and figured that as he owed her ‘everything’ he wouldn’t ever be unfaithful.

After all, he’d have to be an idiot to jeopardise what he had with her to the nothing he had without her.

Cordelia never thought that being her husband elevated Dawson from nothing to somebody.  

Cordelia never thought that his status would attract women and that Dawson would take full advantage.

Logic dictated that….

But Dawson didn’t see it that way.  

Dawson, nobody from nowhere, was now Somebody from Somewhere and would wear it as a badge.

When Cordelia learned that Dawson was having sex all over the place it hit her so hard.   She didn’t see herself as his enabler, she saw herself as his saviour.  

She got it wrong.


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Written by jaylar

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