Getting it So Wrong – 8

Many people belong to all sorts of organisations which have all sorts of social occasions they really don’t want to attend.

If the group makes it convenient enough and cheap enough, well, they have no excuse.  They attend.

The cost of a ‘ticket’  isn’t much, what happens is ‘okay’, and it isn’t out of their way,  they come.

As soon as the organisation raises the price or moves the venue, they now have their excuse.

Too many organisations don’t get the fact that no one really wants to come to their dinners or whatevers, but because they can not justify not going, are there.

The moment those in charge think;  

“Hey!  If  we raise the price 1/3rd will make so much more money!”  

they can expect to make 1/3rd less.

The mistake is in thinking people want to attend, not that can’t find an excuse not to.


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Written by jaylar

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