Getting it So Wrong – 17a

Benjy thought Mellisa was the perfect wife.  She never argued with him.   He knew he ‘wore the pants’.  

Melly was very quiet.   He did all the talking made all the decisions.

Melly wasn’t too bright.  He accepted that before he married her.

She made mistakes and when he pointed them out, would cry, so he allowed them.   After all, she wasn’t very bright.

Benjy never knew that Mellisa had come into the marriage because Benjy had property she wanted, and she knew how to get it.

As she had nothing but contempt for him, had no intention of doing whatever it was he ‘ordered’, there was no impetus for debate.

If she didn’t want to go somewhere, she knew how to sabotage it; whether a household disaster, a car problem, or simply being so late that they’d miss the event.


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Written by jaylar

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