Getting it So Wrong – 17 (d)

Shortly after the loss of their home, Melly refused to see Benjy.  He was soon served with a divorce petition.

The Melly who testified in Court was a lot more vociferous and far more intelligent than the Mellissa Benjy had married.

She spoke of his ‘abuse’  how it ‘always had to be his way’, and how he mortgaged the house, and invested the money in some scam.

She was very believable, and the divorce was granted, and she was to gain half of whatever benefits he received.

Benjy never knew that the money he had ‘invested’  had been placed in Mellissa’s account.  That Mellisa had bought another house in her own name.

He had thought she was stupid, dull brained, and deferred to him.

He got it so wrong.

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Written by jaylar

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