Getting it so Wrong – 15

Rachel joined the congregation.   She didn’t expect a red carpet, but she didn’t expect to be treated like dirt.

The old time members were ‘suspicious’  of her because much of their ritual had been watered down and adapted to their convenience.   They didn’t speak with her, even if she tried to open conversations. 

They left her out as much as possible.   Rachel never said anything.

She made friends with a few periphery members.   Rachel tried to be active.  After an early burst of participation she began to appreciate that her presence was not wanted.   

She stopped pay her dues, stopped being a weekly attender. Rachel realised that those ‘in charge’ of the Congregation did not want her around.  

As time passed, her attendance became less until she stopped attending.

After her absence became obvious  they realised Rachel had ended her connection to them. Which is not exactly what they wanted.

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Written by jaylar

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