Getting it So Wrong – 12

Tanya saw the guy riding on the bike of a motorcycle driven by this fantastic woman.  Tanya saw them go into the lobby and she learned, later that the woman was the manager of the guest house,  the man obviously her ‘boyfriend’.

Tanya made a play for the boyfriend and was successful.  She got him into her bed while his girlfriend was working.

Although the boyfriend wasn’t that handsome, or bright, or rich, he must have something for such a fantastic woman to be with him.

Tanya’s affair with the boyfriend reached the stage she was pregnant. She told him, and he was ecstatic.

“Does your girlfriend know about us?”  Tanya asked.

“What girlfriend?”  he replied.

It was now  Tanya learned he was only playing the boyfriend to discourage the owner from making his play.  The fantastic woman was not nor ever had been his girlfriend.

Tanya got it wrong.

Now, she was stuck with the boyfriend and his baby.


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Written by jaylar

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