Five (unscheduled) Flights a Day – 26

After two weeks, Bagga moved Junior into his own apartment in 1404.  He showed him how he was to enter via the basement of 1406, walk to the other end, take the elevator to the third floor, then walk down to the second.

The apartment was a one bedroom, furnished in such a way Junior knew someone else lived there.

“This was Snakey’s place, but him gone.” Bagga said without emotion.   “Take what you want, what you don’t, put into boxes and I’ll take them.”

“What boxes?”

Bagga showed him some cardboard boxes folded in the corner of the closet.

“Walk around a little to get the feel of the area, be nice, and here’s money to buy groceries.   I’ll check you tomorrow around this time. Be here.”

“What about the restaurant…”

“Tomorrow’s ya day off…” Bagga flung.


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Written by jaylar

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