Five (unscheduled) Flights a Day – 22

Bagga knew where Trevor and Gavin were hiding out, so there was no problem reaching the houses, getting in.

Using plastic bottles as silencers, Bagga shot Trevor, Junior shot Gavin, and they took all the money they could find.  Money, weapons, and then out of the house, to the car.

Bagga drove to a store where Junior got a pair of boots, two pairs of jeans, a pack of briefs, a couple of shirts and a pair of gloves.

They stopped for a meal at a Jamaican restaurant, where Bagga knew everyone.

Then Bagga drove to Vanderveer, parked, but did not lead across the street, but to another building on the same side of the garage.  

This one was like the flat Junior had first lived in, ten men packed inside, mats on the floor.

Bagga told the guy in charge, Charlie, to take three of the men to Bushwick and set up there and that four more should arrive that night or tomorrow.

When they left Junior breathed easier, for he thought he’d be returned to a squash house and re-enslaved.

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