Five (unscheduled) Flights a Day – 13

Junior ran until he could barely take another step, then pulled into an alley.  He sat, dizzy, weak, confused.

He began crying and stopped himself.  

The guy he’d robbed of his wallet had a name an address, and a few dollars. Okay. But the key features was that Junior didn’t know where he was.  He didn’t have relatives in New York.   

Maybe there were those he’d known in Yard, and he’d recognise a face or two, although he had not as yet.  He had no plan no hope, but  couldn’t stay in this alley forever.

He began to walk.  

He saw some people staggering out of a bar, followed at a distance. When he they split up he followed the singleton.  

The singleton had a knife, Junior got a cut, but also was able to get the knife, stab the guy, and get his wallet.


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Written by jaylar


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