Five (unscheduled) Flights a Day – 12

New men arrived at the flat, so there had to be sharing of some mats.  

Sleeping was difficult as there were always men awake while others were trying to sleep and fights broke out.

The noise poured onto the street, the police happened to pass, and the next thing was a door being kicked in.  The police were entering and some men burst out of the window, running down the fire escape.

Junior had gone into the bathroom.   The window was small, there was a straight drop, but he took the chance, squeezing through and somehow landing safely.

The flat was only on the second floor, so the drop was under twenty feet and as he was six feet tall and got his legs out first, his fall was not as bad.

He ran down the road, dressed in just a shirt and slacks and socks. In the winter.  

He saw a guy on the corner, maybe drunk, maybe high, about his size, and slammed him to the ground, took his shoes, his coat, went through his pockets, and ran.


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Written by jaylar

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