Five (unscheduled) Flights a Day – 11

The only way ‘out’ for some one like Junior, besides death and deportation was to somehow get away.

Maybe he might meet someone from the past who would help him.

Others, over confident might try to make it on their own. That didn’t often work out. Without an identity there weren’t jobs.

Some  might run with the day’s earnings, and reach another neighbourhood.

If they weren’t attacked by those who ‘owned’ those streets, arrested for being black,  how long would $500 go when one had no place to live?

Living on the Street in the New York Winter was not first choice.

A New Yorker might be able to find a basement, get into a subway station, pick through garbage to get returnable bottles as well as dinner, but someone like Junior, had no knowledge of where he was, did not know what was possible or impossible.


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Written by jaylar

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