Feelings – 4

There is a dark spot in the  environment of  Cord’; his mother.

This was a pretensions horrible creature who looked down on everyone, who thought she was royal.  

The first she spoke to me was the last I spoke to her.  

She had come in and presumptuously demanded my attention and told me to run and fetch her son.  I looked at her, words filling my mother, but, said nothing.  I walked away and did not return to my post for twenty minutes.

Before I returned I insured she was gone.

After that encounter, anytime I saw her, I walked away.  If she spoke at me, I continued to walk. I refused to look at her, speak to or at her.

She seemed to realise my response to her was permanent blocking so did not enter my space.

On the social occasions when we were in the same room, I ignored her completely.

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