Dumbfounded behavior

I do not know why I thought of this word. It could be I really be because of some people moving in and I wish they would find their own place. The adult is 30 years old and a kid that is 12 and yells and jumps while playing stupid computer games (XBox).  I need quiet to do my editing and writing.

D is for dumbstruck

U is for understanding at a very low point

M is for moments lost because of noise,

B is for behaviors shown

F is for finding a place quiet, not

O is for opportunities also lost because of the noise

U is for undertaking drastic moves, maybe

N is for nuisance of XBox

D is for distant memories of quiet surroundings

E is for extinguish XBox, I wish,

D is for dumb games;

B is for battle scarred

E is for extreme 

H is for heart attack given telling to quiet down

A is for actions sought to stop, but did not work

V is for variety that is not there

I is for intelligence not used

O is for opportunities to just say shut up turn the game off

R is for rest when school starts.

  This wordplay poem is mainly sour grapes for why do I have to try and to my work and have to listen to various kids playing these games and they do not listen to me at all. School is still a month and a half away from starting.


What do you think?


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