Dead Love – 21 – End

Elizabeth died on the beach.   Her body was found.  Louis was contacted.

He came to town with his wife.  Their purpose was to go throughher various possessions,  keeping anything of value,  giving the rest to charity and selling her house.

Louis and his wife found very little  they wished to keep,  so it was given away.  

When the house was sold, Louis scattered his mother’s ashes in the yard,  put the box which had contained them in the rubbish bin and then he and his wife returned to their world.

Elizabeth had never mattered to anyone.  

She had been a wife, more manniquin than companion, a mother in name only.  She had been a neighbour more alive than a patio set, but less useful.  

Elizabeth’s heart  had  died with Jeff, but her body had kept functioning.


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Written by jaylar

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