Dead Love 12

When  Elizabeth was twenty eight she decided she needed to be married.   The man had to be someone who was private, non-clingy.  

Her Intended had to have similar ideas and focus. She couldn’t love him, but find his company pleasant was sufficient.

Elizabeth had watched enough movies and dramas to know how to play the appealing woman, and decided there would be no sex until marriage.

She went out to meet men, and soon enough there was Raymond.

They married in small ceremony in which she wore a simple white dress, no veil and he a plain blue suit.

They had a week’s honeymoon at a minor hotel then returned to the city.

Raymond was quiet, non-emotional, and like her, required his own space. They didn’t argue, were not jealous or possessive.

Elizabeth cared about Raymond slightly  more than she cared for her co-workers. The only person she loved was herself.


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Written by jaylar

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