Dawn's Light – red WHITE and blue

America was built on racism.

There were times in which attempts were made for ‘equality’  which have and will always been followed by times of gross racism.The Civil War ended, slaves were freed.  Things fluctuated, but  in 1869,  Grant became President and clamped down on racism.  White Supremacists were locked up, Black Americans were given rights.

Black Americans voted and the first Black Congressman entered in 1870,

This period of near equality ended in 1901.  With poll tax and restrictions, no African American sat in the Congress.  Racism returned, and no one symbolised it better than Woodrow Wilson who on election in 1912 re-instituted segregation.

Every time Black Americans make a stride, White racists arrive to push back.

It was evident to any student of history that the idea of a Black Man in the White House would result in the election of a racist as Donald Trump.

The upsurge in racism in the United States will continue. 

Yes there will be momentary lapses, but they will be brief and the standard racism will reemerge as strong as it was in 1915.


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Written by jaylar

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