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Cutting the Cords – Pamela – 8

Pamela fit into her new city, her new job.  She made friends, and was actually enjoying her life.  She was setting an appointment when the date jumped out at her, and she realised it was her daughter Tammy’s birthday.

Pam realised she hadn’t rung her daughter for a few weeks. She wanted to feel guilty but considering how cold Tammy had been,  how sharp and short, well, giving her time might be the right thing

Tammy came on the phone at the third ring.

“Hi Tammy, it’s Mom.”

“Oh, what you send for my birthday.”

Not a hello or anything else, just a demand.  

 Pam calmly asked what she wanted and Tammy began a long list. Pam began to laugh.  It surprised her.   Pam had never expected that this is how she would react. 

Yet, it was just so funny that Tammy didn’t give a crap about her, only stuff.  

To cut the call, Pam asked to speak to Tim.

“He’s not here,”  Tammy replied.

Tammy was alone in the house at past 8, their time.   Alone on her birthday.

Pam asked where Daddy was and Tammy said he went to the shop. Pam asked how long had he been gone, and Tammy said; 

“Why you asking all these questions?”

Pam cut the call, and went to look out of the window of the flat her company provided.


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Written by jaylar

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