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Cutting the Cords – Pamela – 4

Pam wanted to make life peaceful.   She didn’t want her daughter, Tammy, to feel the animosity.  Pam made up her mind  not to argue with Tim.  She lived her own life in her own room.  Tammy only came to her if she needed help with her homework or wanted something.

Pam kept trying to make Tammy love her, taking her places, buying her things, but Tammy was cold.

This went on for nearly a years.  Then  Pam was offered a post overseas.

To her, if she had a marriage and a family, it would be an instant no.  But she didn’t have a marriage, and she didn’t have a family.

Alone, with Tammy visiting a friend, Pam  told Tim.  

He thought her going away was a great idea.   He babbled about how she could think things out and they could end the marriage if she wanted when she got back.

Pam didn’t reveal that the post was permanent, not a fill in.

The next day, in a by the way manner Pam told  Tammy she’d be going away for a time.  Tammy told her what to buy for her.

Pam just looked at Tammy, and nodded.  The next day, when Tammy was at school, Pam packed and left the country.


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Written by jaylar

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