Cutting the Cords – Fiona – 4

One day while searching for Craig on one of the filthy streets, she found a gun.  She was going to hand it in.  Then thought, no.  

The next day, Fiona walked into a department store, picked up something, hid it under her coat, then went to leave. The metal detectors went off.

She watched the excitement, experienced her arrest as if it were a birthday party.

She went to jail, refused a lawyer, 

After up and down dramas in which everyone tried to get her to accept a defence counsel, and failed. Fiona looked forward to Court.

She came in wearing handcuffs, stood and told the judge she was guilty.willing to take the responsibility.  He sentenced her.

Fiona went into prison which, considering the tension she had lived with, was a vacation.

A few of her friends came to see her, one of them said he’d gone to find her son.

“Don’t bother.  Craig is a drug addict.  I don’t want to see him.”

There!  She admitted it!

She felt a weight fall off her shoulders.


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Written by jaylar

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