Cutting the Cords – Debbie – 7

Debbie invited her cousin, Daisy, to spend the weekend.  Debbie  would give her the house keys and her car.

This is because Debbie would be flying out on Friday afternoon.

In her forty years of life, she had never been so dishonest.  

On Thursday evening, Debbie got her bags to her car while her mother was sleeping.  On Friday morning, after a common breakfast with her mother, Debbie drove to the office, left her bags, then went to meet Daisy.

Debbie told Daisy she had to ‘work late’ and gave her the keys to the car. Daisy was happy.   She liked the house on the hill but not having her own car there were always transport problems which ended the thought of a visit.  

Now she had a car.

Dropping Debbie at the office, prepared to pick her up later, Daisy drove to where her Aunt lived.

As she drove away, Debbie knew she was just lucky.  Lucky to recall the visit Daisy had made two years ago, and how she loved the land and clean air.


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Written by jaylar

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