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Cutting the Cords – Debbie – 6

The next day, at work, Debbie did a search for an overseas post.    Debbie didn’t think, she applied for it.

She had the most experience, was the best candidate.  

She didn’t tell anyone, certainly not her mother.

Debbie continued her drudge life then  was offered the post, took it and was to leave in two days.

She had to tell her mother, and she knew, if she did, her mother would have a ‘relapse’ need to be rushed to a hospital, and of course, she, Debbie, couldn’t leave.

She cried, because she knew she was wrong, she was bad, but just once she needed a taste of life.

Needed to know how it felt to decide where she wanted to go and go.  Needed to decide when to sleep.


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Written by jaylar

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