Cutting the Cords – Amanda – 2

Amanda left her husband, her city, her job, to gain a period of peace where she could heal.  She was too young to have suffered a heart attack, so getting away from all stress was how she would survive.

Amanda was housed in a teacher’s dorm, with no tasks.  It was cleaned by the staff, there were no bills to pay.   Meals were supplied in the cafeteria.  

She missed her husband, Mac, but had told him she would call on Sunday so would wait until Sunday to call.

Her classes were easy, her students interested, and she felt stress falling from her as dandruff.

She felt relaxed, easy, and was sure she had made the right decision.

When Sunday came, she rang Mac at three p.m. as planned. He answered, sounded warm and easy, and she felt good.   Everything was working out just as she thought it would.


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Written by jaylar

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