Crazy Boasting Cat Lady – 56

Jade had a month to go before  her eviction was ordered.  The Court had given her time.   But I was leaving tomorrow.

I stood in what had briefly been a living room and looked what had once been a kitchen.  The areas were jammed with her junk.  In the dark to attempt to walk to the fridge was a non-insurable risk.

Jade  knew she was making me uncomfortable.  If I had reacted to it, it would give her pleasure to know that her inconsiderate behaviour was noticed.

So I didn’t react.

By seeing her faults I had become a better person.  I was so sensitive to the feelings and comfort of others, that my coworkers cried at my going away party.  Many exclaimed how they had never met anyone as nice as me in their lives.

Jade must get the credit, for I had become so anti-Jade that I would do nothing the way she did.

I had never felt so good about myself in my life.


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