Crazy Boasting Cat Lady – 53

I dazzled myself with my ability to be unprovokable.  

There were moments when I had to ask a question, and Jade would pretend she didn’t hear.   I know she heard me, I’d see a flick in her eyes, yet she’d pretend she didn’t.  

It was her ‘method’ of pretending to be ‘superior’.

Here was a woman of middle age with no family.   A woman who had not lived with people for decades.   She didn’t seem capable of recognising the existence of others.

She could leave things in the way, as if trying to make me trip, she could blast her cartoons to disturb my sleep.  She was so incredibly inconsiderate that I knew that no one had ever included her in their lives, beginning with her parents.

But I never spoke to it.  To notice it,  to betray I saw through her might grant a sense of ‘control’.

Hence if I asked a question and she didn’t answer, I went on as if she had.

This ‘spoiled’  her pleasure.


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Written by jaylar

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