Crazy Boasting Cat Lady -51

As I spent 99% of the time I was physically at the premises in my room with the door closed,  I could go days without speaking to Jade.  

It was like this; I’d wake, eat in my room, shower, dress, go to work, spend time with my friends after work. Sometimes I’d eat something on the road, sometimes come home to heat up left overs from a meal I prepared on the weekend.

Whatever it was, as I got in, I’d  go to my room, work on the computer or watch television or sleep.

This was my week day.

On week ends my friends and I had various activities so it was rare that I would actually be home all day.  

What was amusing, to me, is that when I said; “good morning”  or another amenity, Jade would pretend she didn’t hear.  This always had me squashing my lips together to stifle a laugh.


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