Crazy Boasting Cat Lady – 5

As I knew Jade as the Crazy Hoarding Cat Lady,  when she started her boasting,  I added that to her list of attributes.   If you saw her,  sitting in her hunch, talking as she does,  you wouldn’t/couldn’t take a word she said as true.

Jade began her performance  with some nonsense about  how she made  thousands of dollars a week and  had to pay her ‘staff’  and the car rentals.

I didn’t react  I think I was stunned.  She had no staff, she had no car.  

Was she so far gone she didn’t touch reality?  Could she not realise if what she said was even half true, she wouldn’t be here?

She went on and on, I wasn’t listening.   I was waiting for my friends to call.  They did a few minutes later, and I  took the call;  (I don’t know if Jade stopped talking when I was on the call or not) but when I finished, I told her I had to leave, smiled, and went marching away suppressing my incredulity.


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Written by jaylar

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