Crazy Boasting Cat Lady – 46

Reality was that I had taken a flat, moved in,  paid rent for a bedroom, bathroom, and shared space.

The next month I didn’t have any shared space, so I cut my rent by 1/3rd.

The landlady had to accept it, and that is how I went month to month.

Jade had no money, never did.  She kept  babbling about who she knew and where she went, and probably had convinced the landlady of her wealth.

I don’t know the full back story;  I do know Jade and the landlady knew each other previously.

I continued to live at the place, spend my time out and with friends, or, if home, doing work on the computer.

That was the great thing about the job, a lot of work could be done on computer at home.

Unfortunately, being home meant I was in the Jade environment, so could hear her calling to her cats, banging things around, looking for attention.


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