Crazy Boasting Cat Lady – 42

Jade  lived alone so long in her own fantasy world,   my presence had not yet seeped into her consciousness.  Unaccustomed to human interaction she was unable to manage a consistent attitude.

Later that night, when I was smoking on the veranda, she began her usual vomit of boasting lies.  I suppose another would pull her stories to threads, not  me.  Jade, her rubbish, her cats, her lies were meaningless.  

She was nobody from nowhere. She had no one, and never would.   Her babble drifted past me as the wind blowing through a tree.

Her basic topic, surrounded by boasts of who she knew, what businesses she had run, and her ‘investment scheme’  was now the landlady.  The same person who allowed her live here, to move her rubbish and cats here.  

The same woman who had been kind to Jade now saw through her and was  now taking her to court to evict her.

Jade was babbling about how she would confront the landlady at Court and win the case.  

But Jade didn’t pay her rent.  Guess that didn’t matter in her mind.


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Written by jaylar

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