Crazy Boasting Cat Lady – 33

My psychologist friend gave me a list of the traits of Narcissists.   As I read, I was stunned by the congruence.   Jade had every single trait.

Firstly, there was the exaggerated sense of self importance.  

She was nobody, had nothing, yet behaved as if she lived at the top of society.

Secondly, the belief in being special. Thirdly, they require excess admiration.  

 As I never saw her as special or in anyway admired her, I can see how I  ‘offended’ her.

Fourthly, a sense of entitlement.  Well that trait has been proven; Jade doesn’t pay rent but believes she has an absolute right to live her and show dominion.

Fifthly, no empathy.   She could blast her cartoons outside my door, block my path with her rubbish, and couldn’t care less how I felt about anything.

Sixthly, envious of others and thinks others envy her.  I know she despised everything about me, and would, if given a chance, assume my life.

Seventh, behaves in an arrogant manner.

Eighth, preoccupied with fantasies of success. Now that is evident with her blab about everything she did, can and will do, while doing nothing.

Ninth, takes advantage of others.  Oh yes.

Going through the list, it was as if Jade was used as the template to describe Narcissism.


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Written by jaylar

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