Crazy Boasting Cat Lady – 28

My Psychologist friend had suggested  I make a laudatory statement about another and Jade would ‘take the bait’.

I mentioned meeting a runner up in the Miss World pageant, and Jade instantly told me that she had been a contestant.

My eyes nearly fell out of my head.

Jade was a hunched, nearly flat chested woman,  her facial features could be called plain and her complexion was a map of acne scars.

I could not believe she was actually making this ridiculous boast and stood a few extra moments.  I didn’t laugh,  I didn’t shout, I stood in an absolute stun, then went to my room.

I asked my ears if they really heard this  ugly gal claim to have been in a beauty contest.

The next day, I couldn’t wait to get to  work and tell everyone what Jade had said, I called my psychologist friend, who was not surprised.

“To put it simply,” my friend said, ” a Narcissist does not see beyond their twisted perceptions.  That Jade is unattractive to our eyes does not mean she recognises herself as unattractive.   To her eyes she is beautiful, and her perceptions overwrite reality.”

She added;  “If you want, make a suggestion, about anything… something common sense or even repeat some ‘idea’ she had mooted a week or so ago.   She take the ‘other side’.”


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Written by jaylar

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