Crazy Boasting Cat Lady – 23

Jade had scammed the landlady with her tear jerking story of how her parent’s house  burnt down.

 I wouldn’t be surprised if her parent’s house burnt down five or even ten years ago but found it  useful as her con.

To me, anything that came from Jade’s mouth was questionable.

She bragged of having money, jobs, rich friends. Claimed she was getting a car, whatever came to her twisted mind, she babbled as if saying it made it real.

 At the end of the third rent-less month, the landlady  served Jade with a notice to quit.

I know about it as Jade  began raving.

I went to work, stayed a bit late.  I didn’t want to hear anything from her.  

She rented a room, didn’t pay the rent, what is to discuss?


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Written by jaylar

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