Crazy Boasting Cat Lady – 20

When I did my own research, I did find some ‘links’ between Jade and an Introverted Narcissist.

She would make a statement, such as, ‘My friends are going to pick me up at eleven,  I should be back by six; can you feed my cats?”  

I’d agree,  then, at eleven she was fast asleep, lying in her room, the door opened, so I could see her sprawled there.   I’d go out, return, and she’d still be fast asleep at noon.

Why she would make this statement and then not even pretend that it was real or true was perplexing.

If I had lied about people picking me up at eleven I would leave the premises to maintain the lie.  

Jade didn’t.

Another thing I noticed was that if I made a suggestion, she would do the opposite.  Further, if she had an idea and I agreed, she would change her mind.

I would attribute this to not wanting to make it seem that I had any influence on her whatsoever.


What do you think?


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