Crazy Boasting Cat Lady – 19

A  friend, who was going for her Masters in Psychology was focusing on Narcissism.

She explained that most Narcissists were extroverted,  drawing attention to themselves, but there was a smaller number who were introverted.

These people lived inside a fantasy.   They rearranged reality.  Jade seemed the perfect ‘subject’.

For example, Jade had no money, no skills, nothing.  Yet, she saw herself as wealthy, skilled, important. To prove the point I was instructed that the next time Jade started a babble, to push in some remark which ‘elevated’  another.  

“For example, say your sister was a top swimmer but dropped out because it made her shoulders too big.”

I looked blank.

“Jade will claim that she had been a top swimmer…”  then, quoting; “Anything you can do, I can do better”, adding “that is the hallmark of a narcissist.  No matter what you say she will always find a way to top you.   She must, ”  and my friend made those finger quotes; “prove her superiority.”


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