Crazy Boasting Cat Lady – 13

There I was standing  on the veranda, way to the side, smoking quietly. Suddenly Jade appears and begins blasting my ears about this new job as a ‘master chef’  she was going to.

As she spoke, I thought; “Another lie.”

Jade never went anywhere.  She’d sit on that veranda facing the road as if it connected her to humanity.   She could sit there for hours on end like a paraplegic confined to a wheelchair.  Just sit and smoke and look, maybe watch anime, talk to her cats. That is what she did.

As she had  no one and needed to hear her own voice, she’d often start her boasts as if she could ‘impress’ me.  

I few days before she had been describing this fancy restaurant she had run.  She went into the various dishes she had made; including a number of  pork dishes.  

Then she told me how Sultans from Dubai would eat there.

No, I didn’t say a word.


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Written by jaylar

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