Chaos Continues in Venezuela

August 2019

This TeleSur video explains the Coup Attempt continues in Venezuela. USA continues to terrorize Venezuela until they are able to take over. It has been going on since April 30th.

Venezuela is starting to look like Palestine. But now it is USA Zionists terrorizing Venezuela.

Allies who supporting Venezuela include Russia, China, Iran, Turkey, Bolivia, Nicaragua, Cuba, San Vicente and Granadines because they are all big countries struggling against the Zionists to grow their own country and empire. Each has been fighting Zionist attacks themselves. Just go back into political archives.

USA Zionists are Venezuela’s main aggressor, constantly putting sanctions on Venezuela. It is violating international norms by imposing restrictive measures, which hinders sovereign possibilities to satisfy needs. Zionists’ main objective is to oust the Bolivarian Revolution and colonize Venezuela, creating political chaos and destabilization.

USA allies include Colombia, Brazil, Chile, Argentina, Peru, Panama, Spain, and Israel.

USA is still trying to overthrow Maduro. Bolton is in charge of all this mess.


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