Can't Make it Right – 2

David was perfect.  He was the most perfect baby in every way.

He  slept through the night at only 19 days. He virtually  weaned himself and was walking  and toilet trained in a year.  He learned how to talk, and was a joy to his parents and grandparents.  

When Mary became pregnant again, they thought they would have another David.   They expected so much when Steven was born.

But Steven was no David.

He  was a fretful, troublesome child.   His development was slow, Eric assumed he was mentally retarded and took him pediatricians at the age of two months, certain something was wrong with him.

.Doctors denied this.  Steven was average, David was exceptional.

Eric was so proud of David. He took him everywhere to show him off.  Steven was left home with his mother.  He was too young to understand but could feel that his father didn’t love him as much as he loved David.

Then, Mary  had Maggie.

Maggie was never subjected to the ‘David’ standard because she was a girl.


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Written by jaylar

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