Can't Make it Right – 19

When the man who had been spiritual leader of the Congregation died, Steven took his place.

He did a good job.   Many really liked him.   Yet, his parents rarely came to service.

His father, who had never missed service when David was alive, and was almost always present after, cut his attendance to once or twice a month when his son, Steven took the pulpit.

One would think his parents would be there to show some pride, but in a year, if they attended ten times, that was a lot.

Alvin, Eric’s half brother, began to push to get a certified leader.

Steven didn’t speak in his own defense, although others did.

When others stood up for him, Steven told them he agreed with getting a real leader.  This made them feel stupid and thwarted.

As his mother and father knew he was a master of self-sabotage they said nothing, staying out of the debate.

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