Can't Make it Right – 10

For Eric, life was over.   His future, his dreams, everything died with his first born, died with David.   He couldn’t even look at Steven.   

How could such a magnificent, perfect son like David, have died and a craven defective person like Steven be alive?

The situation was so obvious that Steven returned to his uncle’s house the day after the funeral.

For Steven,  mourning David was more resentment and self hate.  No one could ever measure up to David.  

All his life Steven had to measure up to David, and never could, so not only stopped trying, went in the other direction.

Having been free of the past, living with his uncle, no David around, Steven had begun to turn into himself.  

And now… this.

It wasn’t many few weeks after his return to college, Steven became involved with a woman he knew his parents would not approve of.  In fact, maybe even hate.

She was not his religion, she came from a poor background, and wasn’t even very pretty.

Steven wanted to marry her.   He knew how it would upset his father.  To avoid interference, he rushed a wedding  at a Registry.

Carla, like his mother, would not convert.    Steven didn’t  want her to.   He wanted her to be an active member of another faith.

It was after the wedding, the honeymoon, when Steven contacted his parents to tell them the ‘wonderful news’.

Eric was sure Steven did it  to spite him.Which was true.


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Written by jaylar

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