Can't Make it Right – 1

When Eric married Mary he stipulated that their children had to be brought up in his faith.

Mary would not convert and it wasn’t an issue.  She’d seen many children forced into the religion of their parents grow up and make their own choices.

She loved Eric and the religious difference was mere spice, no greater than she being an Arsenal Supporter and he Man U.

They had a wedding in his faith.  His father had died during World War II and his mother had married again and had two sons, his half brothers, Alvin, (who Mary found repulsive) and Brian, who lived abroad and seemed reasonable.

Mary’s family weren’t thrilled she was marrying out of their religion nor had promised to raise the children in Eric’s faith, but they accepted it.

Eric seemed a good man, seemed to love Mary, so it was acceptable.

After a year, Mary was pregnant with her first child, a son, they called David.  Three years later, another son, Steven. And two years after that, their last child, Maggie.


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