Can't Do Better – 24

There are those who will constantly divert from the immediate, especially when it concerns them.  They like to talk in riddles and analogies and create ‘scientific’ terms for simple things.

They do this avoid admitting they are wrong.  

You can always shut them up (or end their email blabber) by going for reality.  By mentioning the event or attitude which they are trying to make into some kind of dialectic.

Many times they make stupid mistakes. They make the kind of errors easily avoided  if they  had paused and observed for one minute.  As they Can’t Do Better, they don’t.  If they think they can convince a judge to forget they waited fifteen years before bringing a case, they proceed.  Trying to stop them is a waste of your time, for they have already committed to wasting their’s.

They plunge in with this sense of power and control and make fools of themselves.  Maybe for five minutes they realise this, but their innate image of themselves as superior triumphs and they try to turn that action into some sort of Epiphany about unrelated things.

All you have to do is pin the fault on them, and they’re gone.


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Written by jaylar

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