Can't Do Better – 21

People who Can’t Do Better make promises that not only they can’t fulfil, but which are forgotten as spoken 

They can promise anything, from meeting you at a venue, to taking one of your dog’s puppies.  As a Person who Can’t Do Better they say what seems to match the moment then move on.

Perhaps the first time you meet someone like this, you’ll call them and remind or advise them of their promise, and their voice become frosty as if reminding them of their promise is an insult.  This should teach you  never to take what they say they ‘will’ do as possible.

The way to protect yourself is to make alternate arrangements.  

So if Connie says she’ll meet you at 6 pm;  you pick a place you intend to go anyway.   This means if she doesn’t show up it is not a problem.  If Connie says she wants one of the puppies and doesn’t call in the next month, forget what she said.

A person who Can’t Do Bettere has a life is made up of disjointed bits of fact and fantasy.  A promise from them can be defined as a belch.


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Written by jaylar

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