Can't Do Better – 10

Kevin is the standard ‘victim’ of a person like Jade.  He  did not know her; not really.  He knew her ‘story’ and  hadn’t wondered why a woman as her,  who boasts about knowing important people and being so wealthy, would would need to rent a flat.

 If Kevin had spent five minutes analysing Jade he  would realise she was a conwoman and never mentioned her name to anyone, certainly not to Ms Rein.

Yet, being fooled by Jade, Kevin suggested her to Ms. Rein.  Hearing her tragic story,  rented Jade a room.

Jade moved in, loading the ‘shared space’ with her stuff.

This angered the other tenant who chopped 1/3rd from the rent she paid.  

After the first month,  Jade ceased to pay rent.


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Written by jaylar

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