Bunga Boy- 9

Caleta is ditzy on her best day.   She is forty two.  She meets Ken who is ten years younger.

Ken is not interested in her until he sees her mansion.  That’s when he pastes on the smile, and becomes Mister Sweet.  

He knows if he links with her, he’ll have an all expense paid vacation in her house for as long as it can go.

So he becomes her lover.

During the years Ken does  nothing.

He wakes up in Celeta’s bed, she makes him breakfast. He sits on her veranda and smokes ganja.  He doesn’t wash a plate.

When people visit he acts as if he knows everything, making a fool of himself.  But not in Celeta’s eyes.

She is ‘in love’ with him.  She thinks he loves her.

Ken is a Bunga Boy; a guy who lives off of women.   Ken will move in with a woman, and live out of her pocket until she grows a brain or he finds someone better, or somehow comes into money so doesn’t need her any more.


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Written by jaylar

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