Bunga Boy – 8

Too many women think they can purchase a Bunga Boy and get his absolute loyalty because of what she can provide him with.  

She doesn’t understand that he has no comprehension of her reality.

She doesn’t realise that he is not reasoning, he is not considering why she selected him in real terms, he is thinking that he is far more than he is.  

His association with a Higher Class woman elevates his status.  Other women assume he is more than he is.

Other women go after him because it elevates their status, after all, if they can ‘capture’ that Big Woman’s man they must have something.

When the ‘Big Woman’  throws the Bungaboy out, when he no longer can impress others with the status of his wife, when he is exactly who he was before he married, other women avoid him.

The simple fact is, many women assume that he is with the benefactor because of some great traits.    When he no longer has a benefactor, he’s nobody worth the time

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